New Unlimited NCOALink Processing for SmartAddresser 5 Customers

Datatech SmartSoft Inc. has announced a new Unlimited option for its NCOALink processing service, known as MUV, to make it as easy as possible for its SmartAddresser 5 customers to comply with the new Move Update requirements which come into effect on November 23rd.

The SmartAddresser 5 customers can meet the standards set by the new rules directly new postal regulations mean that all volume mailers, both First Class and Standard Class, will be required to run their mailing lists through an approved Move Update process within 95 days prior to a mailing in order to qualify for automation and other discounts. from within the software interface, and receive their results in real time. There are no additional processing fees or turnaround times involved. The service also includes free ANKLink processing, an enhancement to NCOALink which informs users of moves made within the last 48 months, including the effective move date.

If a customer doesn't require the Unlimited option, SmartSoft is also offering lower volume tiers at greatly reduced prices.

"With the changes in Postal regulations, our customers will need to process their lists more frequently, and some of our customers will be using the service for the very first time," said Michael Shroyer, President of SmartSoft. "With this increased demand, we have simplified the whole process as much as possible for our customers, and given our higher volume mailers the opportunity of buying a low-cost annual solution that they could use as often as they like. Our customers have been very impressed with how easy and fast it is to use our MUV service, and demand for the service continues to grow."